www.goodreads.com: great site for book lovers


Liz Jenkins


A friend recently referred me to www.goodreads.com and I’m loving it.  It’s a site where you can post books you’ve read, want to read or are reading.  You can also rate them, write reviews, and see what others are reading and saying about books you are interested in.   

My biggest problem has always been remembering what books I’ve read – I get so frustrated when I check out a book from the library or buy one and then realize I’ve already read it.  Or when I can’t remember the title or author of a great book.  This is my new way to track my books.  What’s really cool about it is that you can “friend” people if you choose and see what they are reading, plus get recommendations as well.  So far, it’s just me and Nina in my little circle but as I explore, I’m hoping to find others with similar tastes. 

Being such an avid reader as I am – it’s always hard to find ones I haven’t read – and it’s always good to get a recommendation – although experience has shown that one does need to be wary of some of them.  That’s how I got sucked into reading The Shack.