final notice for magazines – how to get them to stop sending them

Go this email from a lovely woman who attends my seminars that I teach at the library. It was great timing as I just had a client request this information and I was going to research it. But she did it for me – thanks, Jennifer!! Hi all, Sending this to friends and family who […]

Cost Of Disorganization

Excellent post I just read on the Cost Of Disorganization by Tara at Clockwork Professional Organizing out of Vancouver, BC. No matter how much I try to write good posts – I read so many excellent ones by others – and here’s one of them!

organizing kids artwork & papers . . .

My daughter is prolific when it comes to creating artwork and I’ve designed her room to reflect that. I talk to my clients about creating zones in a kids bedroom or playroom to play upon their personalities and what they truly like to do (not what you THINK they should do). So her room has […]