final notice for magazines – how to get them to stop sending them


Liz Jenkins


Go this email from a lovely woman who attends my seminars that I teach at the library. It was great timing as I just had a client request this information and I was going to research it. But she did it for me – thanks, Jennifer!!

Hi all,
Sending this to friends and family who might be interested in this info. I thought I’d share something I just learned tonight.

After a little nip of vodka after dinner, and going thru the mail, hubby and I got really annoyed to receive a “FINAL NOTICE FOR UNINTERRUPTED DELIVERY” of his Golfweek Magazine.

People, it doesn’t expire until Sept. 18. That’s in 6 MONTHS. How annoying is it to get this “in your face”, “you’d better send money now” kind of mail, when it’s very deceitful?

So, feeling annoyed, I called them. I asked about it, and she looked up my account and said, “Oh – I’ll add you to the ‘do not promote’ list.

She said they will send us the renewal notice a few weeks prior to expiration deadline.

Thank you. That’s more like it!

So, now I know about this “do not promote” thing, and you might want to call magazine companies if they bug you with 15 renewal notices.

Have a great Friday night,