How Not To Fail On Twitter: great info from Social Media 101!

Thanks to Julie Roads on Twitter (@writingroads), and Ron Miller (@Ron_Miller), here’s some tips on twitter.  I know twitter has been a hot topic here on the Rain and, while I happen to love it, I know it’s not for everyone.  Many of the comments I hear have to do with questions of what to […]

guest post on Small Notebook: kids gifts minus the “stuff”

I recently wrote a guest blog post on one of my favorite blogs, Small Notebook, about gifts for kids that don’t involve stuff like plastic toys from China and shopping at Target or Walmart. Here’s the link and I hope you enjoy: Great Gifts for Kids That Don’t Involve “Stuff” This is also a great […]

Huggable Hangers AND tips on an organized closet

I recently was sent some samples of Huggable Hangers . I wasn’t sure about these at first because I was concerned that they would be flimsy or look cheap, being that they are “flocked”. Flocked is a word that has always cracked me up in a mocking sort of way BUT I was very pleasantly […]