5 Tips for an Organized Space – Guest Post


Liz Jenkins

organized pantry shelf

The following guest post is brought to you courtesy of Miriam Bornstein of Zillow.

If you find yourself misplacing items, losing your keys or having a hard time staying organized, now is the time to establish order. When life gets chaotic, organization is your best defense.

Defeat clutter by incorporating these five tips.

1) Declutter

Establish which items are creating clutter and eliminate the mess. Get rid of the items you no longer need, such as clothes you don’t wear, expired food or broken appliances. Another decluttering tip is keeping flat surfaces clear.

If your dining room table currently acts as your filing cabinet, create alternative storage solutions within the room. Hang wooden mail sorters or wire baskets next to your dining room table to eliminate the temptation of setting down mail.

2) Know Your Flow

Store items in the locations that you use them most. If you’re notorious for taking your shoes off and leaving them scattered at the front door, install a shoe cubby to maintain a neat entryway. Or, if you tend to misplace your keys, hang a brightly colored key holder by the front door. Either way, knowing your routine helps you organize for your lifestyle.

3) Utilize Bins, Buckets and Baskets

Bins, buckets and baskets become your best friend when creating an organized space. The beauty of bins is that you can hide your mess in a visually appealing way. Paint old crates for a rustic chic design or mix and match copper and silver buckets for a more contemporary storage display.

If you like combining style with function, opt for multipurpose furniture. A storage bench can double as a seating area, allowing you to reduce clutter in a stylish manner.

4) Use Your Vertical Space

Narrow and tall storage pieces create the illusion of height, making your room appear more spacious. If you lack square footage, utilize your vertical space in three different rooms.

  • Kitchen: Hang pots, pan lids and other kitchen items on a towel bar or purchase a narrow shelving unit for spices, cookbooks and hand towels.
  • Bedroom: Utilize the back of your door for shoe, purse or scarf storage.
  • Living room: Reduce clutter by purchasing a narrow and tall bookshelf to store books, bins and framed artwork.

5) Group by Function

Create zones in each room to establish long-lasting order. In the kitchen, combine mixing bowls with baking necessities. After all, you can’t bake a cake without a mixing bowl or the necessary appliances, so place them together for optimal use.

Designating specific locations by function helps you remember where items belong, ensuring organizational longevity.

While establishing organization can be tricky, these five tips help create an organized space in no time. If you’re feeling inspired, research more creative solutions for improved storage or general redecoration.