9 Smart Yet Simple Ways to Organize Your Office – Guest Post


Liz Jenkins

organized desk

The following guest post is brought to you courtesy of Bethany Emerson of Ghergich & Co.

Organizing sounds hard—right? Who’s got the time, energy, money, and space to keep on top of paperwork, to-dos, tchotchkes, and more? Luckily, organization of your office doesn’t involve a ton of complicated steps or an investment of days and days—especially after you start fresh.

There are some simple steps to take your work space, in whatever shape it’s in, and transform it into a productivity-boosting, stylishly inspired area. That starts with key organizational principles, including purging, like with like, and paperwork control. One of the easiest ways to control that paper is to convert it to digital, and there are some helpful apps for that.

Don’t think an organized office matters? You’d be wrong for many reasons, but here are two: Organize your office and you’ll also increase your productivity and focus. This quick tip sheet shows you how:

tips for an organized office


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