9 Smart Yet Simple Ways to Organize Your Office – Guest Post

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Organizing sounds hard—right? Who’s got the time, energy, money, and space to keep on top of paperwork, to-dos, tchotchkes, and more? Luckily, organization of your office doesn’t involve a ton of complicated steps or an investment of days and days—especially after you start fresh.

Create work life balance with help from others.

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I never realized how much I was a control freak until I decided to hire. My company, a fresh space, has been growing for a while and now has several employees. And I was doing everything except having any time for myself and my family.

Professional Organizer Training in Franklin, TN!

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Interested in learning how to be a Professional Organizer and live in the Nashville area? Join me as I organize the props room at the Boiler Room Theatre this Friday & Saturday (April 13th & 14th, 2012).

Your first meeting with a Professional Organizer…doing it right. (part 2)

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So now you are all set to meet with me, or your newly acquired Professional Organizer, to get yourself all organized.

You’ve got the ground rules (see Part 1 of this series) but now what? Now we get together for our meeting so I can get to know you, and figure out the best way to help you achieve your organizing goals.

Applying Dave Ramsey to your task list . . .

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I was chatting with Landon Loveall yesterday when we were doing an interview for his new referral network, 30Referrals (see the interview here), and the conversation turned to how many of my small business clients have multiple, ongoing projects that can get overwhelming.

Organizing Tools On The Web

Allen from Jibidee did a great presentation at the NAPO 2010 Conference about organizing tools on the web. Thought I’d share his tips here: