A Fresh Version of the Capsule Wardrobe


Liz Jenkins

capsule wardrobe

We here at A Fresh Space work with clients in their closets on a regular basis. The usual purging of items that don’t fit or are outdated, grouping and color coding, adding matching hangers and baskets, etc.

With Spring fast approaching (ok – it’s here but brrr) a topic that comes up regularly is the concept of the capsule wardrobe. Personally, I’m fascinated with it and have toyed with implementing it myself. For a great overview of the seasonal capsule wardrobe concept – this is a great post on The Every Girl. Basically, creating a small selection of amazing items that perfectly suit your lifestyle. Sort of Kondo-ing your closet. Sparking joy and all that.

The issue I have is that while I can create a capsule wardrobe easily (I AM a professional organizer!), the lifestyle part is what gets me. Because I have several lives and each needs its own set of gear.

For me, I need a wardrobe for:

  • Professional meetings and client consults
  • Going out with family and friends for social events
  • Errands and tasks such as PTO meetings, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Yoga
  • Hanging around the house in my comfies when I relax or work from home

You may have your own lifestyle categories so determining what groups you need is key.

So I have created my own version of the capsule wardrobe

My capsule yoga wardrobe is in one drawer. A killer selection of a 3 shorts, 3 capris and 1 pair of long yoga pants, 4 tanks with built in bras, 4 tanks without, 2 sports bras, 2 headbands, and 4 layering tops for cooler days. When I did the big purge recently, I donated an entire trash bag of yoga clothes that were just getting in the way of finding the few pieces I really loved. Now, when I open the drawer to find my yoga clothes, every piece that is in there makes me happy. All of it coordinates, all of it fits and all of it gets used.

Which should really be the goal for every group of clothing you own. I’m taking each lifestyle category one at a time to create that group of terrific pieces that work for me and what I do. While I won’t be one of those people who only has 33 items in her closet as Project 333 suggests, I can maybe aim for fewer than that but per lifestyle category.

One of the key points to both my version and others is aiming for quality over quantity. I want pieces that will last, that fill well, and that really suit me. Another key piece is making it easier to choose what to wear, as well as saving you money. Not shopping frequently can be difficult at first, especially if it is something you do to fill time or for fun. But substituting in something to fill that time that is truly rewarding (volunteering, writing that book, knitting that scarf, working out) can enhance your life much more than a cheap scarf.

If you are stuck, working with a professional organizing company (like us!) can help with this, or perhaps trying out a wardrobe stylist. They aren’t just for celebrities. A stylist can assist with helping you create looks and revamp what you own, as well as help find those perfect pieces and help you find your style. A Fresh Space often works in conjunction with stylists to create the amazing closets we can’t show you here due to client confidentiality. But trust me, they are.

Thinking of paring down your closet this Spring? Consider the capsule wardrobe – my version or the original. Either way, lighten your closet load this Spring and feel the freedom of being organized!

A few local Nashville stylists A Fresh Space recommends are:

Amanda Sears  &  Jenna Miller of Refashion[/fusion_text]