adding to the chaos . . .


Liz Jenkins


So we’ve moved into our little house (and I mean little) and we really love it. We got rid of tons of stuff and set the house up to be really efficient. I can clean the whole place in under an hour from top to bottom. Things were going well, and then we went on a 10 day trip to Washington DC and Pennsylvania to visit family. We ended up coming home with a 9 month old chocolate lab pup named LuLu. She’s sweet as can be, needed a home, and we love her dearly. My husband, Bill, has always wanted a chocolate lab and now he has one. I didn’t mind a dog, but did say that if we got a new dog (our previous dog passed away last year of lymphoma), I would like a petite dog. One that maybe didn’t shed that much and wouldn’t trip me in the middle of the night. So now LuLu lives here. She is NOT a petite dog. She DOES shed. And I do trip over her in the middle of the night. Turns out her mom is 100 pounds and her dad is 140. Hmm. . . she looked smaller outside where we got her.

I did do some organizing in preparation and must include a few tips for anyone getting a dog:

  • put the cat dishes up high – far away from very large dog
  • turn the litter box to face the wall – away from very large dog
  • get lots of chew toys attractively corralled (for a few moments anyway) in a wicker basket – for very large dog
  • get a cozy dog bed and neatly tuck it near the sofa so it can turn into a chew toy for the very large dog

Did I mention that she is approximately the size of a moose? And she snores. Petitely.