Always Learning . . . Organizing Conference in Washington DC


Liz Jenkins


October 17th was highly anticipated by me, and was just as much fun (and as educational) as I’d hoped.  The Washington DC NAPO Chapter was hosting its 11th annual Professional Organizer Conference (MARCPO) and I made it a priority to go.  Of course, it helped that I had family in the area so I could (in a very organized fashion) combine business and a family trip.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I continually educate myself in all areas of organizing and business so this was an opportunity to not only gain some new tidbits I could pass along to my clients, but also to see one of the icons of the Organizing world:  Julie Morgenstern.  As the keynote speaker, she was interesting, entertaining, and above all, inspiring.  If you haven’t read her classic, Organizing From The Inside Out, get it and read it now!

I have to say, I was really impressed with how well the conference ran and how welcomed I felt by the DC Chapter and everyone else who attended.  Although I shouldn’t have been surprised – after all, organizers are pretty great people for the most part, and they are, well, organized.

Me & Deb Lee at MARCPO

Part of the fun was the “tweet up” at lunch (is this a twunch?).  Those of us who tweet (you can follow me on twitter) got together and gabbed in person instead of 140 characters or less.  That’s me with Deb Lee from the DC Chapter (she’s @dallisonlee).

So, what it’s in for you?

Well, some great new info on green organizing, intriguing Outlook tips, dealing with estates and downsizing, and a newly motivated me!

The opening speaker, Krista Green, really inspired me to look at my business with a different eye.  I took four pages of notes and what really stood out was her emphasis on analyzing our businesses with pattern recognition and quantifying our work.  From a client perspective, this is extraordinary because really analyzing what I do will make organizing with clients more efficient and effective.  I’ve already been doing this but she put it into perspective and made me see the importance of this part of the process.

Krista Green at MARCPO

The tip I want to pass on is this:  When you are looking at different areas of clutter in your life, remember, it’s all the same stuff, it’s just disguised differently.  Clutter is clutter and it is dealt with the same way whether it’s cans of peas, Polly Pockets or soccer games.

Using the process of “sort”, “purge” and “containerize” that we organizers teach, you can analyze your clutter and make the changes you need to have a calmer and happier life.

Upcoming posts will give tips and ideas for you to use from the speakers I saw and heard, along with my perspectives on how you can use this information in your own life.