Being Creatively Fit: Whitney Ferre was just fabulous speaking to NAWBO Nashville!


Liz Jenkins


I love learning new things, and especially love a speaker that surprises me. I’ve never thought of myself as creative or using my right brain (too much of a list maker and one who labels everything in sight) but Whitney Ferre of Creatively Fit made me realize that, why, yes I am creative and that by using my right brain creative side, I can spur on my business and my life.

Not only was she just fun to have as a speaker, but she really engaged the NAWBO Nashville crowd with her wit and energy. We had a blast doing her creativity exercises – with a big shout out to @ExpoMarkers guy Steve Gradman who sent our group a bunch of fun stuff to use during the sessions. Now I was expecting a few markers after I tweeted him to ask if Expo would want to be part of our meeting. I got a huge box of goodies including T-shirts (have to admit my 7 yr. old snagged a bright red Expo shirt,) white board eraser stuff, and gobs of markers – the skinny purple Click ones were my personal favorite!

Anyway, back to Whitney . . . she wrote a new book called The Artist Within, A Guide To Becoming Creatively Fit which came out of her work with clients who developed their business skills through using their right brain and their creativity. I’ve got my very own copy – and you can get yours, too. It’s a fascinating look at what you can do to stretch your limits and look at your life and work from a fresh perspective. As I mentioned, I really didn’t think of myself as creative, but then realized . . . well, yes, I am. I have to be in order to visualize how a space can look when it is organized or staged. I need to be able to clearly articulate that not only for my own use but to my clients as well. So even though I can’t draw, act or sing (really, really can’t sing), what I do IS creative and the more I listen to that part of me, the better I will get at what I love to do. So thanks, Whitney, for sharing at our NAWBO luncheon – your talk got rave reviews and we so appreciate your being there! You can find Whitney on twitter @creativelyfit !