bring lots of plastic bags when you take your dog to work . . .


Liz Jenkins


I had to meet the painters, get the trailer to destage a house, hit the PO box, meet up at a flooring store to talk about an upcoming staging seminar, and run by the bank drive through.  Perfect time to take my 20 month old chocolate lab out on the rounds, right?  Well, she WAS very well behaved but I swear, if that dog does her “business” one more time . . . in one more place !

I had brought 2 bags with me – my usual supply but, my goodness, I ran out.  Had to get another one from the floor guys.  It’s not like she does her business in an inappropriate location but I don’t feel right about leaving “presents” in any business or residential yard that is not my own (and even then). 

So I’m not sure what the rest of the family has been feeding her, or if she was just so excited to be out and about, but this was ridiculous.  She’s been cooped up a bit – it’s been rainy and cold here in Franklin, TN so we haven’t been to the dog park as often, and can’t go to the river til it warms up.  So she’s full of energy.  luluI’m really hoping that she’ll calm down enough that we can take her to work more often – we work hard to socialize her (she had been bought as a pup by some people, then she got too “wild” and was chained up with a bucket of water so she ended up coming home with us) so getting her out mingling amongst people is really important.  She’s great with people (especially kids) but she just needs to get a bit less bouncy – and not quite so productive on people’s lawns!