bring lots of plastic bags when you take your dog to work . . .

I had to meet the painters, get the trailer to destage a house, hit the PO box, meet up at a flooring store to talk about an upcoming staging seminar, and run by the bank drive through.  Perfect time to take my 20 month old chocolate lab out on the rounds, right?  Well, she WAS […]

staging seminars: teaming up with stagers to educate and network

I am really excited – I’ve teamed up with 3 other area stagers to teach some classes on staging.  Our market is, of course, realtors, but also home owners and sellers.  We’re hoping this will not only be really educational but some great networking as well.  We’re inviting a lot of the professionals we work […]

creative way to make a bolster style “pillow”

I was doing a staging job recently and really needed a bolster style pillow for a chair.  I didn’t have one that looked just right so I was trying to be creative and hit upon a cool idea to create a “pillow”.  In that this was a vacant house, I wasn’t too worried about it […]