creative way to make a bolster style “pillow”


Liz Jenkins


I was doing a staging job recently and really needed a bolster style pillow for a chair.  I didn’t have one that looked just right so I was trying to be creative and hit upon a cool idea to create a “pillow”.  In that this was a vacant house, I wasn’t too worried about it being dismantled.

I took a velvety table runner that had tassles on it, then rolled uptable runner pillow a bath towel.  I then wrapped the table runner around the towel with the tassles facing forward.  It looked just like a cool throw pillow – exactly what the space needed.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a close up shot of it in the room, but I just destaged and re-created the look for the post.  It’s just on my own sofa but I think you can get the idea. You can also wrap it around other pillows or things of other shapes to create the look.  

This particular table runner was a square one that has tassels at 4 corners.  I usually use it swirled on a table around a floral arrangement but here’s another use for it!