combining my blogs


Liz Jenkins


I haven’t blogged in a while and, while I have been really busy with work, it’s really not an excuse. I realized that what was holding me back was the knowledge that I had to do two blogs, not just one. So I’ve decided to combine my blogs into one blog that will cover all of the things I do.

When I started my company, I did staging with a little organizing thrown in. Then I started doing more and more organizing especially in areas that capitalized on my background such as working with kids and office work/small businesses. Then it segued into my “extreme staging” which encompasses both aspects and involves my husband’s home inspection business as well. Too confusing after a while to separate.

So here’s my one blog which I will keep updated with tips and ideas for living a life in the manner we all want . . . simplified, calm and orderly.

Now if my cat will stop sleeping on my laptop, I’ll be all good.