expanding, and clarifying, our business models


Liz Jenkins


As many of you know, I’ve expanded, yet contracted, my business model over the years to truly reflect what I love to do and tried to focus on serving those clients that I really like to work with and can really help. And then actually communicate to people what it is I do and how I can work with them.

I love it when I see others doing this as well, case in point: Beth Haley of Beth Haley Design.

Beth is my favorite interior designer – she’s over in East Nashville and her work is always wonderful. Well, the other day, I got a letter from her and I learned some new things about Beth and her company. I knew she was always into green and sustainable work but didn’t know that she has one of the few design firms in Nashville with “Home Builder’s Certified Green Professionals” on staff. Nor did I know that she designs for elderly clientele to help them stay in their homes longer. Her reaching out to clients and others in her field has made me aware of exactly how she can be helpful to my clients.

This is a lesson for us all – if people don’t know exactly what you do and how you help – then how on earth can they refer you? I found this out again recently when I was chatting with a friend who was having my daughter over for a play date. She was doing some work at her house and was getting new carpet. She only knew me as an organizer – but hadn’t realized that I did design and project management work – I often refer people to good contractors or products to help them out as well. There was my lesson hitting home – make sure people know what you do!

Visit Beth at Beth Haley Design and check out her portfolio and her skills. She’s done work for me in my own home and that’s why I feel so comfortable referring her. Plus she’s super nice and easy to work with.