frugality, getting in the media and eating squirrels


Liz Jenkins


I do love reading other blogs – and come across a lot that I’ve subscribed to. I’ve also been submitting content to articles and blogs through HARO which is a daily log of reporters looking for information from experts (and non-experts). I look at this as a way to share what I know, and, who am I kidding, get my name in print.

So today, I come across a request for things to do with kids that don’t involve TV. I have a lot of those as we really limit tv in our house so I went ahead and submitted a list and some comments to Louise at Frugal Yankee. I thought I’d check out the site, and the first article I see is about eating squirrels. Now, I was a bit taken aback but the funniest part about it was the Google Ads: “Keep Squirrels Off: Effective Products Keep Out Pesky Squirrels”, “Animal Control – Repellents – Traps”, and “Easy Squirrel Repellent”. I’m not sure if this article is just messing with the public but apparently the British are eating squirrels – the gray ones, mind you, not the red ones.

Actually the site is pretty interesting and I enjoyed reading several of the articles – I’ll keep this one on my watch list as we do try to be somewhat frugal except when it comes to shoes and sushi. And books. And coffee. Well, maybe I’m not that frugal but I can delude myself with the best of them.