Is Shopping Getting in Your Way?

woman window shopping

In our commercialized society, shopping has become so much more than just purchasing the things we need to survive. For many of us, it’s a means of entertainment, and the “thrill of the hunt” keeps us coming back for more.

Sunk Costs

yarn and knitted items on a blanket

How many times have you walked past that juicer in your pantry, letting out a heavy sigh and thinking to yourself, “I’ll get around to using that one of these days!”

Top 5 ways getting organized can save you money!

piggy bank save money organizing

I’ve been helping people get organized since 2006 and in that time, my clients have shared with me how much money they’ve saved (or found!) because of working with me. They’ve realized that they are not only gaining peace of mind but their wallets are happier too.

Friends Don’t Give Friends Clutter For Christmas

An off the cuff tweet has morphed into a full blown post about clutter and the holidays!  In fact, my tweet “Friends don’t give friends clutter for Christmas” was Rubbermaid’s “Tweet of the Week“! I was at TJ Maxx today looking for some tights to go with a dress for an upcoming holiday party and […]

Cost Of Disorganization

Excellent post I just read on the Cost Of Disorganization by Tara at Clockwork Professional Organizing out of Vancouver, BC. No matter how much I try to write good posts – I read so many excellent ones by others – and here’s one of them!

less is more . . . and breathing is good

I work with a lot of clients who have trouble remembering things, or misplace their stuff. I always tell them that it is pretty normal to do this – even us <professionals have had this happen. But the longer I do this, and the more I streamline my life, the more I realize that the […]

frugality, getting in the media and eating squirrels

I do love reading other blogs – and come across a lot that I’ve subscribed to. I’ve also been submitting content to articles and blogs through HARO which is a daily log of reporters looking for information from experts (and non-experts). I look at this as a way to share what I know, and, who […]