Top 5 ways getting organized can save you money!


Liz Jenkins

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Want to save money? Get organized!

I’ve been helping people get organized since 2006 and in that time, my clients have shared with me how much money they’ve saved (or found!) because of working with me. They’ve realized that they are not only gaining peace of mind but their wallets are happier too.

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Here are the top 5 ways getting organized can save you money:

1. You aren’t re-purchasing things you already own. How many times have you bought something only to find out you already had one?  Or get started on a project sure you have all of the materials but can’t find them so you run out to get what you need even though you really do have everything…just not where you can find it.

2. The things you own actually get used. You may have gotten a great deal on that ice cream maker but if it never sees the light of day because you can’t find it in the chaos, you might as well have flushed that money down the drain.

3. You don’t have to re-purchase items that get damaged or broken due to improper storage or clutter. Working with my clients, if I could count the number of times I’ve found gorgeous, expensive or potentially useful items cracked, mildewed, rusted, moth eaten or missing parts….

4. Your credit report and financials recover, or at least stay in good shape. Think about it…pay your bills on time, know where your statements are, have all of your passwords and accounts in order, and be able to find your documents when you need them.

5. You spend less money on services. Clients tell me that they spend less money eating out (they enjoy their kitchen more), their housekeeping bills go down (the cleaners can actually clean), they can let go of the storage unit (one less monthly payment), and more.

And an added bonus, the sheer amount of money (or valuables) we’ve found when organizing with clients is amazing! Cash, stock certificates, checks, foreign coins, jewelry, gift cards and more. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’ve lost it til it’s found!

Can hiring a Professional Organizer save you money? Absolutely! Can you do it yourself? Absolutely if you have the skills and the time. If not, give us a call…we can help you save time and money by getting you organized.

How have you saved money by getting organized?

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