Great speakers today at NAPO Nashville: SEO, blogging and more!


Liz Jenkins


WOW! Our NAPO Nashville chapter meeting was this morning and did I learn a lot about SEO, blogging, websites, social networking and more. Our speakers today were Kate O’Neill of [meta] and Samantha Pointer of Pointers Vine Web Design . I was blown away with the great information! I had sent a list of questions for the panel discussion I’d planned so the speakers could be prepared but Kate went a step ahead and answered the questions in a blog post – which kind of trumps my post where I was going to put all of the info! But instead, I’ll put it here: Read Kate O’Neill’s answers to my questions about SEO, Blogging and Social Networking!

The main things I got out of this from both Samantha and Kate was that content is key, and that relevance is critical. Plus Kate threw out some terrific tips on how to bump your web rankings, how keywords work and things like Google Analytics and navigation sitewords. Our NAPO chapter is a group of really smart people who could organize their way out of any messy space but, as for many business owners, are not internet< gurus (except for Samantha who is a web gal AND an organizer) or experts on blogging or twittering or any of that stuff. I've been working really hard on integrating all of my social networking and it's tough – and it's a lot of work and time. Kate & Samantha broke it down for us – I have a greater understanding for the workings of things which makes it easier to figure out what is actually effective and what is kind of a waste.

As Kate mentions in her blog post – she loves public speaking and I can testify that she was terrific – so if you are in the Nashville area and are looking for someone to speak about internet related stuff like this – do touch base with her. On that note – I also love public speaking and am happy to give seminars on organizing papers, organizing kids, home staging and more. Just ask!