holiday party at Beth Haley Designs


Liz Jenkins


Tuesday night, we headed out to East Nashville to Beth Haley Designs for a holiday gathering. Beth is not only a great interior designer, but lots of fun as well. It was a really nice time, even if it was cold and rainy. Met several interesting people including Shawn who writes, photographs and paints under the name Motke Dapp. He was telling me about a documentary he is working on about an international contest on – get this – beard growing. Apparently men grow beards for 4 months and take pictures daily, then post them on this site: Whiskerino

Also met Sarah Sisk from Urban Patio – she sells outdoor living furniture in Edgehill Village on the West End. They’ve got a cool line of reclaimed teak furniture that I am dying to see. You know we are all about reclaiming and re-using whatever we can.

Anyway – Beth – thanks for a great evening – and I love the coffee mug – used it this morning – it’s my new favorite. But now I have to figure out which one to give up to make room in the cupboard before it explodes with coffee cups.