hosting the NAWBO organizing panel today


Liz Jenkins


Today I moderated a panel of some of my favorite other Professional Organizers at NAWBO. It was our monthly luncheon and while I know tons about organizing, I realize that my knowledge is not the end all and be all of organizing, plus one of the basic premises of what I do is to acknowledge that my personality and operating style may not be in synch with everyone so I figure I’ll give the NAWBO divas some other choices. I brought in Cindy Sullivan, Lisa York and Cynthia Lindsey. All really good at what they do – which is organize. Plus, they are all people I like and respect

I created a list of questions and we all took turns answering them – stuff like tips on how to arrange your desktop, best filing practices, time management, multi-tasking, etc. It’s amazing how many people want to know this stuff. I had one gal come up to me afterwards and tell me it motivated her to go home and get rid of stuff, and so many people said how much they got out of it.

We talk a lot about simplicity as organizers, and really try to live it. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about how you use it. Do you love it or do you need it is how I approach “stuff”. This is the message we tried to get across.

We had quite a few handouts which people really seemed to like as well. I love doing these types of things – it makes me feel great knowing that I can share what I know with others – and that others actually want to hear it!

So lots of fun – and if you are a woman business owner – check out our local NAWBO chapter. It’s a great group – small enough to really get to know everyone and big enough to have some resources you can use.