How To Organize Your Chickens…Guest Post for Deb Lee @ Organize To Revitalize


Liz Jenkins


Deb Lee, of Organize To Revitalize, has been fascinated by the fact that I have chickens, so when she needed a guest poster – guess who she emailed? Yes, me!  Getting chickens was part of a lifestyle choice for our family and one of the best decisions we made but it took some serious thought and some serious organizing to make it happen.  Read my guest post HERE.

So, here’s how you organize your chickens . . .

1.  Sort.  Like with like.  Golden laced Wyandotte with Golden Laced Wyandotte.

2. Purge.  All you non-laying chickens … outta here.

3.  Containerize.  Everyone on the roost. Pronto!

4.  Label.  Mimi. Violet. Hootie. Bob.

5.  Evaluate.  How’s that working for you?

Seriously, though, my post for Deb is not just about chickens (but there’s lots of cute pics there) but it’s more about the decision making process when adding chickens, or anything else, to your life.

Check it out HERE!