Mabel’s Labels :: Where Has The Internet Gone?


Liz Jenkins


This post is my entry to Mabel’s Labels contest where, in 300 words or less, we respond to the following hypothetical situation:  Electrical storms are going to wipe out the internet (perhaps forever).  We have one day left to write about our passions – what do we want to say to the blogosphere?  Well, here’s what I’ve got to say (you’ll notice it isn’t my usual writing style, but it is pure me anyway):

tap.tap.tap.tap…what the?!?

seriously…electrical storms wiping out the internet…sure …

what…really? when?


but I haven’t finished blogging about my love affair with my label maker

what, honey? well, yes, I guess I do have time for ice cream and a tea party then

but I need to guest post about proper filing techniques

hmmm? you’re right, the porch fan is refreshing…is that a glass of wine?

but I was just checking out this podcast on clutter control

well, I guess that fresh tomato really is beautiful…from our garden, you say?

but I still haven’t finished the updates to my new home page

what’s that noise? oh, the robins are out … and what on earth? oh, the sun is … oh my … I didn’t realize how beautiful today is … not a cloud in the sky

but I was just in the middle of placing my order for my new business cards and those …

is that my copy of The Art of French Cooking? I’ve been meaning to make Julia’s boeuf bourguignon … and you got down my grandma’s  LeCreuset dutch oven from the cupboard

but Twitter is calling to me … I have 28 DM’s … people love me out there

you love me here too? well, I know that, and I love you too, you know that, right? You do, don’t you?

if I could just freshen up my Linked In page, I’d be just all good

well, yes, I see our friends are here … and the cribbage board is set up

but my Facebook fans are depending on me to write on their walls

hey, goofy cat, get out of my crochet bag … it has been a while … hasn’t it

you’ve got mail …

deep breath

sit up straight

look around