A Fresh Art or Music Studio

organized art studio

Art Studios

For those in the creative fields, being productive is key. When you can’t find what you need, often the urge to create something amazing passes. When you don’t have systems, it’s really hard to put things where they belong which cause a downward spiral. Art studios can quickly become a place to avoid rather than a place of bliss. By having effective and easily accessible storage systems for all of the bits that make up your craft, you can be productive and profitable. It’s hard to sell or exhibit pieces if you can’t finish any!

a fresh art studio means…

  • An organized space with thoughtful and functional storage
  • Materials are easily accessed and returned to their homes
  • New supplies can be easily stored in existing systems instead of being stashed or dumped
  • Clear surfaces or spaces so you can spread out and be creative

Being organized does not interfere with your work, it makes the work you do more efficient!

a fresh space can…

  • Purge unwanted, dried up or unneeded supplies and materials
  • Create inspirational storage and vignettes that reflect who you are and what you do
  • Honor your creative process by working with you to make your space work for you instead of against you

Imagine the creativity you’ll have when you can see all of the things you have and be inspired by easy access to everything.

organized music studio

Music Studios

Musicians have unique challenges in that the creative process can take place in multiple areas. A home studio, an offsite studio, session work and touring can make keeping track of all the parts and pieces a challenge. Plus, all of the gear needs to be stored properly to keep it safe but also make it accessible and transportable when needed.

a fresh music studio means…

  • Your cords, mics, cables and amps are organized right where you need them
  • Putting everything away is a breeze because everything has a home
  • A space that helps you be creative instead of frustrated
  • Storage systems that help you find what you need, pack quickly and unpack with ease

A trait shared by so many in the creative fields is the hyper focus on the work while blocking out the surroundings. But if the surroundings are distracting, cluttered or chaotic, the space around you isn’t supportive of your craft.

a fresh space can…

  • Sort, group and purge unwanted or unneeded items
  • Assist with consigning, selling or donating items
  • Create unique and functional storage systems in the space you have
  • Label and tag all of your gear so it doesn’t go walking

Let a fresh space help you create fresh work!

Art or Music Studio ReFresh

That’s not all! After we’ve set up organizing systems for you, let us help you keep it that way!

If you need us, we will be there to:

  • Unpack you after an art opening or tour
  • Tweak or edit systems as your craft shifts and changes
  • Set you up in a new space as needed
  • Wrangle things that have become out of hand after a creative binge

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

Check out our Hire Us page for organizing details and rates.