An Organized Transition Into Summer…


Liz Jenkins


Now that summer is here, is your to-do list a mile long but you yearn for poolside fun?

By setting aside a little extra time now with help from some of the tips below, you can achieve a fresh space to enjoy all  summer. If your goals are to have more leisure time, hang out with family and friends, and feel productive without all of the strings attached, then this is for you! Have a simpler summer with tips to help you to transition from last season to this one.

simplify it:

  • Store winter gear in bins to free up entry way spaces and bedroom closets.  These items are typically bulky and take up a lot of room.  Store items that will work for next fall and donate the rest. Take note of clothing items that need special care or repairs so they will be ready come fall. Many storage containers are now sold with airtight/watertight lids so they won’t buckle at the top when stuffed full. Now that kids are out of school this can be a group project and made fun. They can make fun labels, sort items or choose some for their memory bins.
  • Take a look at old task lists of things you planned to get done over the fall and winter. Are any of these things still valid? If not, let them go. If something hasn’t been done yet, is it really that important?  If yes, how can you break them down into manageable steps to accomplish them over the summer? Focus on what is truly helpful and meaningful in your life and set loose the time sucks that maybe don’t have the same meaning they did when they made their way on to your radar.
  • Create lighter weekly menus using fresh pre-prepped ingredients each week. One helpful tip is to buy your fruits and vegetables and prep them all for the week in advance. Take an hour or two to catch up on your favorite shows, online class, or podcast and it makes all of that chopping a breeze. Keep the already prepped fruits and vegetables stored in the fridge for easy access. These pre-cut delights can also double as your go-to snacks for the kiddies or as topping for salads or juicing with ease. I found this really helps me use everything I buy and eat healthy for those quick grab bites.

organize it:

  • Any last minute summer travel, finalizing summer camp plans or accomplishing summer projects can be big items on your list that can create pressure on you that is definitely a do-not for the summer. If just the thought of them is causing conniptions, consider out-sourcing research to a fresh space. We have added Personal Assistant Services helping many of our clients cross off tasks quick and easily, as well as all helping them regain their time that they were spending struggling to get things done. Putting things off or not getting to them actually costs you more in time and stress.


  • Oh the memories….look back at the school year with your children, and talk about the fun adventures and challenges they overcame. You can use this time to put any memorabilia that has been saved into scrapbooks or special bins for your child/children by school year or age. Also, asking them to point out special milestones or accomplishments creates a nice time to build their confidence.  Comments such as ” I can see you really worked hard on this” or ” You must be really proud of yourself for all of your hard work” takes the pressure off of pleasing you as the parent or someone other than themselves.
  • Create ‘go bags‘ full of items needed for activities you love to do in the summer. In our house, we have a pool bag with goggles, flippers, sunscreen, water bottles, towels, etc. for quick trips to the pool, as well as a summer camp bag that has granola bars, water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, extra socks and more. Having a stocked go bag for each activity makes life so much easier as you don’t have to hunt for everything you need just to head out the door!

do it:

  • Sometimes just stopping, slowing down, and being present in the moment with our children means the world to them… and you. Think back over the last week and try to remember a time you sat still or really looked at the blessings in your life? A good habit to start is to sit still for at least five minutes and take in your surroundings, feelings, and think about everything you are grateful for. When this small choice becomes a habit it can be life changing as to how you see situations. Life is all about how you react to your surroundings, and with less stress you are ahead of the game.
  • And don’t forget to make a little time for yourself. Schedule a yoga class, have a glass of wine with friends, read a book. These are the things that can make the difference between living life and enjoying it.

As with anything important in life, getting organized comes with effort well spent. Taking some time up front frees up time exponentially in the future.  Most importantly you will not have to deal with all the extra clutter and confusion….. at least until Fall arrives.