How to do the perfectly organized seasonal clothing swap

As professional organizers, we often seasonally rotate clothing for clients and create storage solutions for overflow clothing. This is great for those who don’t have large closets, or who have a large volume of items that don’t fit in the spaces they do have.

1 New Word of the Year?

new word of the year

Every year, I see my friends post their word of the year – a word that gives them a focus and helps set their goals. I’ve always struggled with this because I’ve got business goals and personal goals  and family goals and these often don’t have the same needs.

11 Organizing Tips You Will Actually Stick To

There are countless benefits to becoming (and staying) organized. Less stress, better sleep, and more productivity, just to name a few. The hardest part for some, however, is knowing where to begin on their journey towards a more organized home.

An Organized Transition Into Summer…

By setting aside a little extra time now with help from some of the tips below, you can achieve a fresh space to enjoy all  summer. If your goals are to have more leisure time, hang out with family and friends, and feel productive without all of the strings attached, then this is for you! 

Cell Phone Etiquette: Observations From A Mom

Did you know that 61% of people in the WORLD have cell phones? They probably have bad manners too (and don’t even know it). Is there hope for us? Yes. Michelle Cimino, author of “Cell Phone Etiquette, Observations from a Mom” has the humorous way to show you how to save face while keeping in touch.

NAPO Nashville gives back…and I get to rumble in the toy closet!

If you know any Professional Organizers, you know we are all about helping other – or we wouldn’t be in this business.  NAPO Nashville members are partnering with the YWCA this Saturday, May 15th, to help them achieve their goal of helping victims of domestic violence.