Cell Phone Etiquette: Observations From A Mom


Liz Jenkins


Fun book alert!

Did you know that 61% of people in the WORLD have cell phones? They probably have bad manners too (and don’t even know it). Is there hope for us? Yes. Michelle Cimino, author of “Cell Phone Etiquette, Observations from a Mom” has the humorous way to show you how to save face while keeping in touch.

Advice, a text acronym guide (which anyone over 12 needs), and funny funny stories that will ring oh so true.

Michelle’s website is:  http://cellphonemom.com but you can buy the book if you want here:
I read a ton of books (as you probably know).  How many books can you say you’ve read that made you laugh out loud…about cell phones no less!  When Michelle asked if I’d post this info on my blog – how could I refuse an author of such a fun and helpful book, hmmm?

Michelle learned her lessons the hard way – she experienced them first hand. You might be thinking you already know everything there is to know about cell phone manners (I did too), but Michelle has a way of reminding you what’s best without insulting your intelligence.

Here’s another reason why I’m telling to about this great book: Michelle and some of our friends are offering free gifts today. Over $4,734 worth of amazing bonuses for buying Cell Phone Etiquette today. http://cellphonemom.com

P.S. I’ve got an article about how to file in the bonus stuff.

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