The Nashville Mom guest post: Apps to help you get organized!

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Recently I wrote a guest post for Lindsey at The Nashville Mom, a super fun site about being a mom (or dad) in Nashville. Thinking about the moms I know and the moms I work with, there’s a recurring theme that I deal with frequently and that is using technology to manage their calendars and tasks.

Cell Phone Etiquette: Observations From A Mom

Did you know that 61% of people in the WORLD have cell phones? They probably have bad manners too (and don’t even know it). Is there hope for us? Yes. Michelle Cimino, author of “Cell Phone Etiquette, Observations from a Mom” has the humorous way to show you how to save face while keeping in touch.

Organizing lessons From The Nashville Flood of 2010

Many of you may have heard of the “great Nashville flood” we had in our area recently.  While I was personally very lucky (only lost some plants and had some water in the crawl space), there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Middle Tennessee that lost possessions, houses, and in some cases, their lives.


I finally got a twitter account and have decided to go ahead and see what it can do. I’m just fascinated by the interactions of those who really embrace technology and I know that I can use it to my own benefit, and to benefit others. Although I do have to wonder how many people […]