Liz Jenkins


I finally got a twitter account and have decided to go ahead and see what it can do. I’m just fascinated by the interactions of those who really embrace technology and I know that I can use it to my own benefit, and to benefit others. Although I do have to wonder how many people really want to know about my cat laying on top of my laptop. This is a chronic issue but not much to do with a 14 year old dude who wants to be in on the major action going on around here.

This is Ferguson, by the way . . .

The twitter is actually fun – short and to the point – and for anyone who knows me, knows that for me, at least with words, less is not more, more is more. I may not have a lot of “stuff”, but I sure have the words. Maybe it will help me distill my massive quantities of knowledge about houses and organizing and staging and clutter and . . . well all that stuff, down into less than my allotted 140 or so characters. A challenge I think I’ll take on. So come find me on twitter and I’ll try to get some good info out there. In as few words as possible.