Organizing & 2 Hours . . .


Liz Jenkins


Hiring anyone to come in and do a project in your home or business can sometimes be a difficult decision.  You ask yourself if it’s worth it, how long will it take and especially, how much it will cost.  Everyone wants to feel that they are getting their money’s worth.

Well, based on testimonials from my clients, having a Professional Organizer come in and work with you on your pantry, office, computer, whatever, is usually the best money they’ve ever spent because any Organizer worth their salt will not only get you organized but will teach you the skills you need to stay organized.

But since I bill by the hour (as many Organizers do) and I have a 2 hour minimum (again, as many Organizers do), the question comes up, “well, how long will Project X  take?”.  Really what you want to know is, for my 2 hours – what am I getting.  So with some fabulous input from Professional Organizers around the country (thanks Twitter!) and from my own NAPO Chapter here in Nashville, I’ve created a list of typical organizing projects that can be accomplished in 2 hours!

*This list is based on the assumptions that a. You as a client are motivated and can make decisions relatively easily AND b. Your clutter in the project area is “normal” (meaning this isn’t a hoarding situation or an area stuffed full of teeny tiny objects or papers that each need to be evaluated).

So here we go – 2 hours can . . .

  • create a Family Command Center
  • spiff up a desk
  • clean up & organize an entry way/foyer
  • organize a small clothes or storage closet
  • clean out and organize a pantry
  • organize a small bathroom
  • organize a hall coat closet or a linen closet
  • organize a kids toy area
  • organize junk drawers
  • clean out and organize a car (yes, you can organize in a car!)
  • clean out and organize purses & luggage
  • create a “landing area” at an entry point
  • install under cabinet shelving/slide-out baskets in a kitchen or bathroom
  • organize a mudroom
  • organize drawers and/or cabinets in a kitchen (depends on size of kitchen!)
  • organize a refrigerator
  • purge & organize a bookshelf
  • set up a basic filing system for home or business
  • create a paper management system in a home office
  • set up a kids homework station/desk
  • purge & organize bedroom nightstands and dressers
  • create a recipe binder

I sincerely thank all the organizers that contributed to this list:  Debbie Jordan Kravitz, Paige McClain-Ramsey, Susanna Starr, Deb Lee, Anne Bryant, Jeri Dansky (see her before & after pics), Ellen Zucker, Christie Love, Matt Baier, Allison Carter & Kelly Spalding.

So, if you are a Professional Organizer, what could YOU do in 2 hours?

And if you want to be organized – contact a Professional Organizer today and get going!  You’ll be amazed at the difference 2 hours can make.