Organizing using wall space: basketballs & guitars


Liz Jenkins


Every time I organize, there’s always oddball things that end up laying around in a playroom/bonus room/bedroom/wherever.  In my daughter’s room, these were her basketball and her guitar.  These are not easy things to keep in bins or on a shelf but they needed to go somewhere.  Oddly enough, as I was pondering the basketball problem, I had a random email from John at Ball Claw about his company’s product which happened to solve my dilemma beautifully!  I was a bit hesitant because I hadn’t actually seen & touched one so he offered to send me some to test out.  In about a week, I had 3 to try in varying sizes.  I picked the one that fit the basketball (I’m saving the other 2 as door prizes for my NAPO Nashville chapter) and installed it on the wall.  Super easy.  Not only to install, but to put the basketball in and take it out.  Seriously – my daughter has put it in the “claw” every single time she used it without me asking.  Which is pretty amazing in itself.  The Ball Claw isn’t just for bedrooms (we live in a 1945 bungalow without a garage which is why the basketball is in her room).  It would also be perfect for garages, gyms, schools, whatever.  So far it has proved to be simple (in a good way), easy to install, durable and one of those no-brainer organizing tools that work well for kids (and big people too).

For the guitar, I went to Shuff’s Music here in downtown Franklin and picked up a cute little guitar mount.  It’s small, easy to mount on the wall just like the Ball Claw and holds her guitar.

I mounted both in an unused space on her wall – and it has made a huge difference in keeping her floor clear. (For those wondering about the shelves – those are our designated “treasure storage” which I think is critical for a kid’s room)

I always encourage creativity with storage – and these two products have been a huge help to me personally and to my clients.