Organizing using wall space: basketballs & guitars

Every time I organize, there’s always oddball things that end up laying around in a playroom/bonus room/bedroom/wherever.  In my daughter’s room, these were her basketball and her guitar.  These are not easy things to keep in bins or on a shelf but they needed to go somewhere.

tiny bathroom :: storage needed

Small Bathroom Needs More Storage Space: Check Out My Solution! I was reading a great post (as usual) by Org Junkie and ended up coming up with an idea for my own post while commenting on hers. She was talking about organizing her bathroom (cosmetics, hair products, etc.). I had tossed out my thoughts on […]

when kids grow up – organizing and updating

When kids get older – the cute pink & white scheme with the flowers can seem too “baby-ish” for them and most will want a change. This is an awesome time to give them the opportunity to not only get a more “grown up” room but to organize! This little girls room just went from […]

easier to find . . . easier to put away . . . everything needs a home

Getting used to this tiny house has been a challenge. Any mess we make needs to be picked up promptly or the whole house looks a wreck. On the plus side, the entire place can be thoroughly cleaned in about an hour. I can vacuum nearly the whole thing without changing outlets. But I have […]