YWCA Volunteer Project :: Toy Closet Completed!


Liz Jenkins


Saturday, May 15th, 2010, a group of volunteers from NAPO Nashville and Hands On Nashville went to the YWCA Weaver Domestic Violence Shelter and spent the day organizing.

I was team leader of the toy closet where new, donated toys reside as gifts for displace children who end up at the shelter, often with nothing.  The staff works so hard with their residents but sometimes organizing isn’t the first thing on their minds.  This project was dear to my heart as I love working with kids and their stuff.

I had gone earlier in the week to preview the toy closet, create a plan and determine needed supplies.  I like to work with what is on hand most of the time but we had some available donations of bins and shelving which was very helpful.  We had a very small space to work with that needed to house a LOT of stuff.  Our main goal was to make it as easy as possible for the shelter staff to access the toys and store new toys when they were donated, and do so in such a way that the system was apparent to all who used it.  I think we succeeded!
Here’s what we did:

From YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter :: a fresh space