Questions a Professional Organizer Will Ask When Editing Your Space: Learn From The Experts!



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Questions a professional organizer will ask when editing your space...

When editing your spaces with a professional organizer, our role is to ask you the tough questions to help you evaluate your stuff and determine whether you want to keep something or not, as well as where it may need to live in your home. We try to choose the right question at the right time based on what we are seeing and sensing during the organizing session. Please know that these questions are never asked in a judgmental or snarky way – they are a way to gather information and figure out the needs plus often verbalizing something can be the key to making a decision. You can ask yourself these questions when editing your space yourself as they may help guide you in your own decision making when decluttering and organizing.

Questions a Professional Organizer will ask...

Our best questions to help with the organizing process:

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organized storage bins
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From Professional Organizers to you...

Even more questions to help you edit and make decisions about your stuff...

Get Organized

Organizing & decluttering isn’t about getting rid of everything – it’s about being mindful about what is in your space and how it works for you. Often we bring things into our homes because we get excited about a new hobby or activity, we are trying out new products to help us with something, we want to embrace a new style, or our lives have changed in some way that brings more stuff with it. None of these are bad in themselves but if we haven’t edited out the stuff that is already there, this is where trouble starts! You can’t keep adding new things without letting go of at least some of the old or the laws of physics will catch up with you because there’s only so much you can fit in a space before it becomes unusable. Decluttering is part of life and getting organized can make your life feel the way it is supposed to. 

These questions can guide you in the process – and if you are overwhelmed – that’s what professional organizers are for! Drop us a line at to get started!

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