Rethinking Garage Organization


Liz Jenkins

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The following guest post is brought to you courtesy of Kenady Ghent of Monkey Bars Storage.

Garage organization can be overwhelming. When it comes to storage and organization solutions there are lots of obstacles and intimidations involved. Most homeowners have a set idea of what the garage should be, perfect and orderly. Pictures of garage organization on Pinterest and Instagram can be discouraging and seem unattainable. What we need to realize is that the garage doesn’t need to look picture perfect, the space just needs to be functional for you and your family. Below are some tips to make the organization process approachable.

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Functional For You


No one organization strategy will work for every personality. Adopting a strategy from a blog, book or a friend’s recommendation without considering its effectiveness for you personally is setting yourself up for failure. Take a step back and modify or create an organization plan specifically for you and your habits. Feel comfortable with an organization process that is tailored to you and your family.

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Reject the notion that you need to create the perfect garage in one day. Define the functions you want your garage to have and write down the top 3. What actions can you add or subtract from your life to achieve those functions?

Consider sorting your things into 4 piles: keep, sell, donate and trash/recycle. You can even establish a marinating pile, a small collection of things that you can’t decide whether to keep or not. If you don’t use anything in the marinating pile for a year, discard the belonging. Once you are left with just the “keep” pile your garage will be more simple and 

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Research products that optimize your space like custom garage storage products. Garage shelving gets all of your belongings off of the floor, which increases your available garage space. If you go biking weekly, hang a bike rack on the wall near your vehicle’s trunk for easy loading and unloading. If sports equipment is taking over your garage, consider a sports rack. Store things in practical way for your family, even if it isn’t the traditional way.

The garage is full of underutilized spaces. Ceilings and the spaces above windows and doors are often overlooked by homeowners as storage space. Overhead storage racks and shelving maximize your the space in your garage and stores your belongings out of the way. Even the smallest of garages have vacant storage space.

Optimizing your space equals optimizing your time. When your space is organized you don’t waste time searching for lost items or stressing about your unruly garage.

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Lifestyle Change


To maintain an organized space you need to create new habits. By making small, gradual changes and organizing your garage, you develop a more positive lifestyle.

Don’t let feelings of intimidation rob you of an efficient, organized garage. Finding an organization method and time frame that works for you ensures success and retention.

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Kenady Ghent works for Monkey Bar Storage, a garage storage and organization company that provides homeowners with efficient products to organize and simplify their lives. Kenady is a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho in Public Relations and Visual Communications. When she’s not working, she enjoys outdoor activities, taking pictures, trying new recipes and giving old things a new purpose.