rules for kids – how specific does one need to be!?!


Liz Jenkins


I’m all about setting limits and routines for things to help kids get through the day (and me too!) but I try not to go overboard. And I kind of figured that my rule of “hairbrush goes in the bin in the bathroom” was pretty clear. My daughter has decided that the only hairbrush worth using is mine no matter how many we get for her. It has to be the one I am currently using. Hence the hairbrush rule.

I didn’t plan on this:
Note the hairbrush on the floor. Now this would have normally put me in a conniption but, as she so eloquently explained to me, it was the ONLY thing in the house that worked as the spiky pit for the racetrack for the new race car her daddy gave her. This is only a portion of the “race track” which went around the whole room with various obstacles and observers. I do applaud the creativity, however, I do need to brush my hair with that brush.

I guess I didn’t clarify that hairbrushes are only for hair. I did tell her that it was not to be used for brushing the pets but I definitely did NOT clarify that it was NOT to be used as a spiky pit for the racetrack. My bad.