Back To School: Tips for Organizing Your Day!

Back to school time can be easier if you put routines in place. Having set schedules is very helpful, and so is taking the time to set up stations for school day necessities. Have a designated lunch station. Place all kids lunch foods in one spot in the refrigerator and in one spot in the […]

Back To School: Routines Make Your Day Easier

Planning is Key! We’re heading back to school soon, and days can get chaotic. I was teaching a class about back to school organizing recently, and one of the participants said, “but it takes so much time to get organized”. Yeah, it can. But it sure pays off in the end, saving you not only […]

rules for kids – how specific does one need to be!?!

I’m all about setting limits and routines for things to help kids get through the day (and me too!) but I try not to go overboard. And I kind of figured that my rule of “hairbrush goes in the bin in the bathroom” was pretty clear. My daughter has decided that the only hairbrush worth […]

getting kids out the door in the morning without ripping out your hair

I was out at PF Chang’s for dinner the other night with friends, and of course we started talking about the kids, family life, etc. The topic of the mornings came up and I mentioned how much I enjoyed sitting and reading the paper with my cup of coffee. One of my friends looked at […]