Scaling Down: Living Large In A Smaller Space


Liz Jenkins


Just read this book by Judi Culbertson and Marj Decker.  Excellent.  As a professional organizer, I applaud everything in this book, and as someone who lives in a 1945 house that is 1060 s/f, everything they say resonated with me.  I work with clients all the time in cavernous houses with tons of junk.  Yes, junk.  It’s junk if you don’t need it, use it or love it.  There really isn’t much else.  If you need it, it is something you must keep like IRS documents or a will.  If you use it, it is something you use regularly in your home like toilet paper or soap.  If you love it, it is something that gives you joy like a painting or your pet.  If something is more than one of these, all the better.  All the other stuff, not necessary. 

This book talks a lot about making decisions about things, about what is important to you in your life.  It also focuses on living for YOU, not what you think others might think about you if you aren’t “normal” or the same as everyone else.  When I speak to groups – it’s amazing how many people come up and tell me how liberating my comments are – giving them permission to let go of stuff that they really don’t need.

Highly recommended – especially today when so many people are downsizing – whether by choice or not.  Ours was by choice a few years ago and we love our little house with a passion.  This book gives guidelines and concrete suggestions on how to downsize, but also addresses the “why”.