I’m fairly decent on a computer – can hold my own with the average squirrel – but for some reason, never even thought about actually having a way for people who read my blog to subscribe to it. I know some people do read it as they’ve commented when I’ve run into them, or email […]

kids organizing seminar went well but differently than I planned

So I did my kids organizing seminar at the library yesterday. Really nice group of people showed up, including a bunch of my friends (nothing like pressure when your friends show up – kidding – it was great to have the moral support). It was interesting – I planned to talk about 2 aspects of […]

Scaling Down: Living Large In A Smaller Space

Just read this book by Judi Culbertson and Marj Decker.  Excellent.  As a professional organizer, I applaud everything in this book, and as someone who lives in a 1945 house that is 1060 s/f, everything they say resonated with me.  I work with clients all the time in cavernous houses with tons of junk.  Yes, […]