Spring Refresh: A 30 Day Challenge [Pt. 2]



Spring Refresh Challenge Part 2 From A Fresh Space

In our last post, we introduced our Spring Refresh challenge. Today we’re sharing Part Two, with the next 7 items to complete. Whether you’re looking to deep clean or simply switch out seasonal items, this checklist is perfect for you.

P.S. Feeling overwhelmed by this list? Simply choose a few tasks to complete. Remember any project completed is better than those never attempted!

Keep reading for your Spring Refresh: Pt 2 checklist below!

Day 8: Switch to matching hangers.

Looking for quick and easy way to bring cohesion to your closet? Begin with matching hangers. We love using black velvet hangers due to the slim profile and ability to hang multiple kinds of garments. Plus black is consistent where other colors often change slightly over time. Extra credit: donate anything not worth of a new hanger!

Day 9: Switch out your seasonal wardrobe.

Place sweaters and seasonal coats in storage  and swap for swimsuits, shorts and lighter layers.

Day 10: Clean out the fridge.

Pull all items out of your fridge. Get rid of expired condiments, replace water filters, throw out freezer burnt items. Once the fridge is empty, use gentle soapy water to wipe down shelves, produce bins and glass. If you notice scuffs on the interior, use a magic eraser to remove. Place like items together and think through a spot for leftovers and fresh produce.We love using stacking fridge drawers to optimize vertical space.

Day 11: Decant baking and dry goods.

You know we are a fan of decanting – this means placing items in a canister or other container – typically clear so you can see the contents and labeled so you don’t forget what is in there. This is one of our favorite projects because it has such a great impact. As you clear out your pantry, throw out expired and stale items. Then use clear containers to store pantry staples like flour, sugar, rice, pasta or cereal. Be sure to look for containers with a gasket seal to keep the contents fresh and label clearly. Extra credit: add a dry erase label on the back for expiration dates!

Day 12: Wipe out cabinets.

Use a damp cloth with gentle soapy water to quickly capture dirt and grime, and use a grease cutter like Method Heavy Duty Degreaser for tough dirt. The insides of cabinets can always use a good clean but don’t forget about the outside – those cabinet doors can get pretty grimy as can the baseboards! Go ahead and edit out things you don’t want or need if time allows, then place daily use items back on lower shelves and less frequently used/seasonal on upper shelves or under the island.

Day 13: Wash winter linens and store.

Time to put away thick blankets, throws and velvet pillows as well as the winter robes. 

Day 14: Dispose of expired medication

Check the expiration date on all medications, vitamins, and supplements. Everyone has a different level of tolerance for how long they feel these items are still ok to use – just know that the efficacy goes down over time. Dispose of the expired items appropriately (check your local government website for safe disposal sites or dates) and for extra credit, create categories in bins for what you have left. We often use categories like cold & flu, kids, first aid, etc. to make it easy to find what you need when you need it. 


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How to Join the Challenge:

Show us your progress by posting before and afters as you complete the challenge. Tag @afreshspace.

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