Book Review: The Organized Mom by Stacey Crew

As an organizer, I love organizing books and as a mom, I love organizing books.  Stacey Crew’s new book, The Organized Mom, combines the best of both worlds.

When I had my daughter, I was in my late 30’s and had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. 

Blog Talk Radio with Julie Verleger & Me!

Organizing kids and their stuff was the topic today on Blog Talk Radio with Julie Verleger of The Organized Home.  I was a bit nervous as this was my first time on Blog Talk Radio but I had a good time and hopefully didn’t sound like too much of a dork.

Org Junkie “Command Central” Round Up

Org Junkie (one of my favorite bloggers) is doing a round up of “Command Central” ideas. I haven’t done a post on this recently so I thought I’d participate. It’s a great way for people to gather ideas – after all – everyone is different and has different needs but there are many similarities. The […]

getting kids out the door in the morning without ripping out your hair

I was out at PF Chang’s for dinner the other night with friends, and of course we started talking about the kids, family life, etc. The topic of the mornings came up and I mentioned how much I enjoyed sitting and reading the paper with my cup of coffee. One of my friends looked at […]

easier to find . . . easier to put away . . . everything needs a home

Getting used to this tiny house has been a challenge. Any mess we make needs to be picked up promptly or the whole house looks a wreck. On the plus side, the entire place can be thoroughly cleaned in about an hour. I can vacuum nearly the whole thing without changing outlets. But I have […]

organizing a 6 year old . . . and her mom

A client asked me to help her daughter (age 6) get organized. Never too young to start out right, I always say. So I went over to her home to check out the situation. My client, “Jane”, was concerned because her daughter didn’t seem to like to play in her room, and would leave toys […]