Org Junkie “Command Central” Round Up


Liz Jenkins


Org Junkie (one of my favorite bloggers) is doing a round up of “Command Central” ideas. I haven’t done a post on this recently so I thought I’d participate. It’s a great way for people to gather ideas – after all – everyone is different and has different needs but there are many similarities. The photos included here are AFTER shots of a recent client. Unfortunately I did not take before photos, but just imagine a countertop piled high with papers and miscellaneous items as well as crammed cupboards & drawers.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Removed everything from this space we designated as “command central” that didn’t belong there such as toys, baby wipes, food items, etc.
  2. Filed papers in two portable file bins (this client didn’t have a lot of papers but the ones she did have were everywhere). One bin is for archived (older) materials that she didn’t need to access often – this one is in the back of the cabinet. The other bin is for current items – things she needed to get to quickly – this bin is in the front. Both bins are labeled both inside and out.
  3. Added a small shredder sitting on the countertop and a little cubby system I got at Target. It’s cute and simple enough for her needs. In it, she has supplies to mail bills, pens, and incoming mail. The shredder is to quickly destroy any incoming mail that has personal identification.
  4. Added a small garbage can under the counter to toss garbage quickly so it doesn’t pile up – it’s not in the photo but we added it to the left side. Also, the few items on the shelf are now in a labeled bin.
  5. Created a routine for incoming papers and items – where each thing goes and what to do with it when it gets there.

It’s working out well so far. We’ve made a few tweaks but overall – success!