And the papers never stop….

pile of papers

You know that flood of papers you get pretty much daily? The mail, the bills, the free newspaper you pick up, the catalogs, the kids
permission slips & homework, the wedding invitation, the coupon flyers, etc.

Org Junkie “Command Central” Round Up

Org Junkie (one of my favorite bloggers) is doing a round up of “Command Central” ideas. I haven’t done a post on this recently so I thought I’d participate. It’s a great way for people to gather ideas – after all – everyone is different and has different needs but there are many similarities. The […]

Back To School: Tips for Organizing Your Day!

Back to school time can be easier if you put routines in place. Having set schedules is very helpful, and so is taking the time to set up stations for school day necessities. Have a designated lunch station. Place all kids lunch foods in one spot in the refrigerator and in one spot in the […]

excellent article in NYT: office organizing

Came across a tweet today that posted a great article from the NYT: An Orderly Office? That’s Personal Thanks to @declutteryou & @RubbermaidTwo for posting and retweeting. Loved this article – it speaks to the experience of many of my clients and those who have worked with professional organizers. Some good tips in there as […]

organizing kids artwork & papers . . .

My daughter is prolific when it comes to creating artwork and I’ve designed her room to reflect that. I talk to my clients about creating zones in a kids bedroom or playroom to play upon their personalities and what they truly like to do (not what you THINK they should do). So her room has […]

organizing seminar on papers – fun!

I really like teaching seminars. I did two this week on office organization – mostly papers, filing and emails. Had great attendance at both and met some terrific people.