Barbies, Legos & Crayons, Oh My!

Attack of the Runaway Playroom! Playrooms can be a fabulous part of your home, but for so many people, they can quickly become a nightmare. Kids aren’t naturally inclined to put things away, and most of the time when a playroom is set up – things either are just sort of set around for kids […]

How Many Bottles Of Salad Dressing Are In Your Pantry?

Pantry Organization made simple… I recently organized a pantry with a client and she had a lot of bottles of salad dressings & marinades. A lot. She kept buying them because she couldn’t tell how many she already had, and, you know, they were on sale. I see this often – not just in pantries […]

tiny bathroom :: storage needed

Small Bathroom Needs More Storage Space: Check Out My Solution! I was reading a great post (as usual) by Org Junkie and ended up coming up with an idea for my own post while commenting on hers. She was talking about organizing her bathroom (cosmetics, hair products, etc.). I had tossed out my thoughts on […]

How I Love My Label Maker . . . let me count the ways

I was teaching a seminar on paper management last week, and a gentleman asked, “Why should I use a label maker?” Collective gasp from all Professional Organizers ensued. Seriously, though, there are many reasons, and critical things to consider when choosing and using a label maker. Here’s my thoughts: Reasons for using a label maker […]

bins can hide a multitude of sins…

I was having a really nice conversation with Chad Hunter today about professional organizing (he’s a graphic designer but wants to know more about my field – which I can totally understand because everyone does). During our chat, I used the phrase “bins can hide a multitude of sins.” I love the way this flows. […]

Huggable Hangers AND tips on an organized closet

I recently was sent some samples of Huggable Hangers . I wasn’t sure about these at first because I was concerned that they would be flimsy or look cheap, being that they are “flocked”. Flocked is a word that has always cracked me up in a mocking sort of way BUT I was very pleasantly […]

organizing seminar on papers – fun!

I really like teaching seminars. I did two this week on office organization – mostly papers, filing and emails. Had great attendance at both and met some terrific people.

when kids grow up – organizing and updating

When kids get older – the cute pink & white scheme with the flowers can seem too “baby-ish” for them and most will want a change. This is an awesome time to give them the opportunity to not only get a more “grown up” room but to organize! This little girls room just went from […]