The Organized Seasonal Clothing Swap: Step By Step



organizing closet for seasonal clothing swap

what is an organized seasonal clothing swap?

how do you do a SEASONAL clothing SWAP?

Finishing touches to a seasonal clothing swap

Your Guide to an Organized Seasonal Clothing Swap

An organized seasonal clothing swap is a must do for anyone whose closet is just not robust enough to hold all the things. No matter where you live, there will be apparel that isn’t appropriate for a current season, which brings us to the organized seasonal clothing swap! Seasons are different depending on where you live – in the South, a twice a year swap is usually plenty but up North, this may need to be done quarterly.

Seasonal Clothing Swap

What is an organized seasonal clothing swap?

An organized seasonal clothing swap means that you remove out of season items and store them elsewhere in an organized and systematic fashion. By housing only what you need for the current season in your closet, you’ll have more space, be able to find items quickly, and have breathing room plus you’ll feel awesome because you’ll really feel that you have a handle on what you own. You don’t want that breezy cotton dress getting in the way when you’re searching for your favorite toasty sweater or having to rustle through scarves when you want your bathing suit! Seasonally swapping your wardrobe also gives you a chance to evaluate everything you own and ideally edit out things you don’t use or like.

organized closet after clothing swap
professional organizer organizing closet for seasonal clothing swap

Seasonal Clothing Swap

How do you do a seasonal closet swap?

Glad you asked! There are a few different ways you can do this but we find it’s most helpful to just get it over and done with. It’s best to block out at least 3-4 hours for this project – and it will feel amazing when it’s done! If that is too daunting, then we suggest identifying one category at a time such as sweaters or jeans or athleisure.

Gather your supplies!

organized closet for seasonal clothing swap

Seasonal Clothing Swap

Step-by-step seasonal clothing swap

  1. Create a space where you can lay out your clothes. It could be your bed, the floor, or a large table.
  2. Take all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories out of your closet and drawers.
  3. Group each of your out of season (or all if you feel daring!) categories loosely – like with like
  4. Sort items into four different sections within each category:
    • Basic pieces you could layer and continue to wear during the off season
    • Pieces you will definitely keep and wear in the upcoming season
    • Pieces you definitely won’t be able to wear until a change in weather
    • Pieces you didn’t wear last season or can’t see yourself wearing this season (these need to go!)
    • Pieces you may need for a trip that may involve another season (think international travel or heading to the beach/mountains)
  5. Place the “can-be-layered-during-cold-weather” pile back in the closet (neatly!)
  6. Create a travel bin if appropriate (beach, ski, etc)
  7. Store any items that are not wearable until warmer/colder weather arrives
  8. For the items you didn’t wear last season and don’t think you’ll wear this season, let these go – someone will love them but they don’t need to clutter up your closet!

Seasonal Clothing Swap

Finishing Touches

No matter how you choose to approach your seasonal wardrobe swap, here are some things to keep in mind throughout the process.

organized bins in closet
organizing closet for seasonal clothing swap
organized closet

Seasonal Clothing Swap

Don’t have time for a seasonal wardrobe swap or too overwhelmed by the chaos of everyday life to think about the process? Our experienced organizers have this down to a tee and would love to make this happen for you! Contact us today to schedule your organized seasonal clothing swap!

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