10 Top Garage Organizing Solutions



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10 Top Garage Organizing Solutions

We love organizing garages and wanted to share our top garage organizing solutions as a companion to our recent Garage Organizing post!

When you think about organizing your garage, the storage solutions are the last step because it’s good to know what you are storing before deciding what solutions you need. Once you’ve got the contents sorted out – then comes the fun part of finding just the right storage products. Read below for our favorite and most functional garage organizing solutions!

Garage Organizing Solutions

1. Overhead racks

Using the space on the ceiling is perfect for infrequently used items like holiday or camping. We really like these Fleximount Overhead Garage Storage racks as well as these motorized versions from Garage Smart.

overhead garage storage rack
Fleximount Overhead Garage Storage Rack
motorized garage rack lift
Garage Smart Lift

2. Bike storage

Lots of bike organizing storage options! We like these Heavy Duty Triple Bike Racks as well as these wall mount Store Your Board options!

Heavy Duty Triple Bike Storage
Heavy Duty Triple Bike Storage
wall mount garage bike storage
Store Your Board Swivel Bike Storage

3. Kayak Storage

Getting kayaks off the floor is great for freeing up space and keeping them tidy. We use these Store Your Board kayak racks for our personal kayaks!

Store Your Board Kayak Rack
Store Your Board Kayak Rack

4. Slat Wall

ProSlat slat wall is our go to for garage organizing or other spaces that need flexible storage options – like this nerf wall!

slat wall nerf organization
Store Your Board Kayak Rack

Garage Organizing

5. Tool Storage

Lots of options for tool storage – this New Age workbench setup is terrific as is the Husky tool storage!

Husky 11 Drawer Tool Storage
Husky 11 drawer tool storage
New Age Tool Storage Garage Organization
New Age tool storage
elfa garage organizing storage system
Elfa from Container Store
garage tool organizing elfa
Elfa tool storage

6. Elfa Garage System

We use Elfa for garage systems as well as wall tracks for yard tools, ladder storage, shoe organizers, and more. Endlessly customizable and functional!

garage organizing storage locker
New Age Garage Cabinetry

Garage Organizing

7. Storage lockers

Our go to storage lockers are these New Age Garage Cabinetry lockers and tool chests. You can mix and match the pieces to suit your space and needs.

golf bag storage organizing
Heavy Duty Golf Storage rack
wall mounted golf bag storage organizing
Store Your Board Golf Bag Organizer

8. Golf Storage

Golf bags are always a challenge so creating a zone for them that are designed to keep them tidy is key. We like these golf storage racks from Container Store and these wall mounted versions by Store Your Board!

Garage Organizing

9. Free standing shelving

Our favorite Trinity 24 x 60 x 72 shelving unit on casters is durable, moveable, and super functional with the deep shelves that hold just about any size totes.

garage storage organizing shelving
Trinity 24 x 60 shelving unit
garage shoe organizer
Shoe Storage Rack
shoe storage organizing
Elfa wall mount shoe rack

10. Shoe Storage

these Elfa wall mount shoe racks can be a great way to organize shoes in a garage or this free standing shoe rack if you’ve got the floor space!

If you are planning on organizing your garage – these storage and organizing solutions will help it get and stay organized. Having the right storage and organizing products can make the difference between a garage that gets organized and STAYS organized!

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