bizarre happenings at the dog park and you just never really know who people are, do you?


Liz Jenkins


I go to the dog park 3 or 4 times a week keep our 2 year old lab busy and occupied so I can actually get some work done in my home office. She usually perks up around 3:45 because she knows our daughter gets home on the bus and there’s a really good chance we’ll be heading over there.

I’ve been going there for over a year, since we got LuLu, and have met some great people. You know – you stand around watching the dogs play – or in my case – continually throw a tennis ball with the Chucker (if you don’t have one of these – get one NOW!). I never really knew the true meaning of the breed of “retriever” til LuLu showed up in our house. But I digress.

I had met a lovely woman at the dog park with a delightful and well mannered golden retriever named Molly. We’d see each other often and chat about what’s going on in Franklin and how’s life. She even hosted a dog park Christmas party at her house this year. A huge house too – 5000 square feet plus a 3500 square foot finished basement in a pretty exclusive neighborhood. We had a great time – and she was a delightful host. Bunch of dogs came – imagine 25 people and lots of food with 2 enormous yellow labs and 2 enormous golden retrievers, plus one frisky kitten, running around checking out the munchies.

Anyway, I’m reading the paper a few weeks later, and who do I see but Molly’s mom under a heading of “Franklin woman sought in embezzlement case”. Apparently she is accused of defrauding a bunch of people and something about mortgage fraud as well. I saw her picture and thought, I know this woman! At least I thought I did.

I brought her up (not by name) in my recent seminar about time management and setting priorities. I used her as an example of being true to yourself because no one really knows who you are – only you do. Too many people worry about what others might think or imagine others as being better at everything than they are – and use it as an excuse not to achieve a goal or make a change in their lives. Well, you just don’t know what others do in their private life, do you? Everyone puts on a show and a facade. I have made it a goal of mine to have my outer persona match my inner self. This is really tough to do. This woman did a great job concealing who she really is. I guess my point is – don’t try to live up to what you THINK others are – be yourself, and be the best self you can.

This experience of meeting her, thinking she was a lovely person, then finding out what was behind the image she portrayed really hit me and a lot of others at the dog park. It’s been a hot topic of conversation as you can imagine but no one knows where she is or all the details. I could be completely wrong about her – I never like to assume the worst. Most of us are primarily worried about her 2 kids, Molly and the kitten to tell the truth. I hope it all gets sorted out.