feeling out of sorts


Liz Jenkins


My husband recently took a new position with a great company called Conservation Services Group. They do home energy audits and other energy related things, and recently took a contract with TVA to work with local energy companies. This is all great – we’ve closed his inspection company and he’s full time with CSG now. It’s been a lot of work closing the company but we’re just about done, plus we recently switched banks as well so that’s been a handful

I’m usually pretty good with change but all of this has put me off my stride a bit. It’s funny because I have things pretty well organized, as you would expect, so that when all of these little things keep popping up that I’ve not planned for – well, when there are so many of them – it’s getting to me a bit.

I’m thrilled about Bill’s new job, and he’s really enjoying it. The part that is getting to me, I think, is that we used to communicate all day – just checking in, saying hi, touching base. Now, he’s not really available and I miss him. I thought I’d be relieved but it’s hard to get used to.

With his company gone, I’m also at some loose ends. I have more time now to work on my company, which is going well, but I’m at a weird turning point of an end and a new beginning. Things with the old company aren’t completely wrapped up, and I can’t completely focus on the where I want to go.

I think I need a little vacation. Hmmm . . . I think that’s the ticket. Maybe a complete mental break (not a breakdown!) would be beneficial. I had an email from a friend who is also feeling out of sorts – some family issues and a recent decision to home school a child, and another who is having some financial and marital issues with a husband out of work. I think I need to call a margarita night – only those who want to gripe and complain are invited. We’ll have a major bitch session and get it all out of our systems. Maybe even come up with some solutions but I suspect just venting will be enough.

I’m at a point where a lot of my clients have been and it’s humbling and eye opening . . . as well as a learning process. Luckily, I’ve got more resources than many do with my knowledge, my family, my circle of friends and business acquaintances that I can move on but it’s an odd place to be . . . out of sorts.