How to Organize a Kids’ Bedroom



How to Organize a Kids' Bedroom

With the arrival of summer and kids spending more time at home, you might find yourself in the middle of constant clutter. Many of our clients approach us looking for sustainable solutions that even their youngest children can keep. Keep reading for How to Organize a Kids’ Bedroom below.


1. Begin by decluttering the space.


This starts as with any other organizing project – pull everything out and sort like with like. It’s really hard to make decisions if you don’t know the full scope of what’s in the space. Typically items you can easily toss are broken toys, stained or torn clothing, old arts & craft supplies, and birthday swag bags. Edit out unwanted items – typically these will be toys they no longer play with, outgrown clothes, extra furniture or decor pieces that don’t serve the space, old linens, etc. 

2. Donate unused toys and clothes.

After you complete your edit, donate unused toys and clothes. If desired, you can do this with a child to teach them the value of generosity and giving to others. However, we also know how attached a child can get to their belongings so it can be easier to do this when the child is at another activity. Our best tip is to promote the idea that there is someone who will love and enjoy these items. If you’ve got a specific place you love to support, this can be really helpful to visit and create the excitement to share with them or if you have friends or family members of the right age to receive hand me downs, kids love sharing with people they know. 


3. Create storage for clothes to grow into or hand me down.

These storage boxes are great for creating a designated place for hand me down clothing and items to grow into. We like to label them by size and season using a label maker so you can easily change the labels as the kids grow. These can be stored in the closet on upper shelves or under the bed in the under bed storage boxes.


4. Think through designated areas for play, sleep and study.

Regardless of your child’s age, each bedroom needs dedicated areas for play and sleep and, as they grow,  study. Depending on your child’s interest this is where their personality gets to shine. In a recent client’s space, we included wall mounted acrylic shelves to show off his lego collection. If you are working with a smaller space, get creative with vertical solutions to maximize the space. Creating zones like a place for crafts, a reading nook, pretend play, and the like keeps the ‘stuff’ contained.


5. Organize books

We love creating a small reading nook as a designated space for books and quiet play. Whether using floating shelves or a standard bookcase, we love organizing books by color or size allowing for a child to easily put books back in place. When creating your reading nook you’ll want a place to sit, storage for books and a bit of warmth and coziness (pillows, throws, etc.).


6. Use the space under the bed.

Instead of allowing the space under the bed to go unused, we recommend this for seasonal storage solutions. We love these storage boxes that are great for housing raincoats, thick sweaters and winter accessories during warmer months or for clothes to grow into as noted above.


7. If your child has a really sad closet which unfortunately a lot of them do because often secondary closets are not well thought out, consider replacing with a new system like Elfa which offers lots of adjustability and customization.

Closets don’t have to be just for clothes – we often create storage for toys or crafts as part of the system which frees up space in the rest of the room.


The main thing to think about is how your child actually uses the space and what they love. Often we can get in our own heads about what we want to see in terms of organization and style, but let the kids guide the process and really listen to their needs. You’ll end up with a space that really works for them – and you!

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